Full-spectrum Light and Colour Perception

Each year in Hungary, the Costruma expo welcomes over 60,000 visitors to meet more than 600 exhibitors from over 19 countries.


This year, Viva-Lite partners, FL TRADE Kft. exhibited Viva-Lite full-spectrum bulbs. The stand, which focused on showing the quality of light that could be achieved with full-spectrum bulbs, produced serious interest amongst visitors.



An example for those unable to attend the exhibition on how full-spectrum bulbs affect our ability to perceive colour – can be found in the illustration below.



Picture 1 shows a painting under standard artificial light. Picture 2 is the same painting in sunlight and Picture 3 is the picture under Viva-Lite full-spectrum bulbs.


You can see how the perception of colour is closest to natural sunlight under full-spectrum bulbs.


A high colour reproduction is an important tool for many companies and colour sensitive businesses. Viva-Lite ensures that even objects and materials containing fluorescent substances are reproduced true to nature.


We find that Viva-Lite full spectrum light has been valuable for dentists and dental technology where they have to be sure that the fabricated denture completely matches the natural tooth colour.


Viva-Lite full spectrum bulbs are likewise popular in clothing stores and boutiques. Can you remember the last time you bought a apparently blue shirt that suddenly was green when seen under natural daylight?


If you work in any industry where accurate colour reproduction is important – consider investing in a full-spectrum bulb today.



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