Full-Spectrum Light (issue 26)

Around the world different people are talking about how they use full-spectrum lighting in their day-to-day lives. We feature some of the best here.


Empirical Studies on the Effects of Lighting in the Classroom
Information compiled by the National Clearing House for Educational Facilities supports the idea that there’s a correlation between student achievement and the quality of their physical environment — which includes lighting sources.


How to choose proper lighting for your parrot
If you own a parrot, chances are it has crossed your mind as to whether or not enough lighting is being provided for your feathered friends and what type of lighting would best meet their needs.


Simple, Effective Ways to Heat your Bird’s Cage or Bird Room
Light is important to birds for reasons other than heat generation. More and more studies are showing that UVA and UVB radiation helps maintain strong immune systems, and encourages natural activity levels and breeding.


Breeding Large Parrots in Indoor Cages – Tricky but Possible
Use light timers to mimic the photoperiod that occurs in your pet’s natural habitat, and be sure to provide full spectrum lighting; bear in mind that window glass filters-out beneficial UVA and UVB radiation.


Now is the time to start growing garden plants indoors
They give you the full spectrum of lighting, which is important for your plant. You can use those in dark spaces. A lot of our seedlings grow next to windows, but then we have grow lights above them to counteract days when the sun doesn’t show up,


Mad About S.A.D.
The HappyLight worked…for a while. But this has been an unusually brutal winter here in the Northeast and multiple snow storms, weeks of gloomy weather and weeks of being stuck inside the house had negated any positive effects from the full-spectrum light. It helped to perk me up a bit and, for about two weeks it worked fine.


Beyond Midlife Moodiness
Natural full spectrum light also elevates mood. At the very least, get some full spectrum light bulbs.


The science behind the winter blues
“Light affects brain chemistry and regulates things,” Koelsch said.
Lack of light is such a major part of SAD that treatment often involves light-box therapy, or daily exposure to a lamp that omits full spectrum light, mimicking natural sunlight.


7 Easy, Inexpensive Tips For Improving Your Food Photographs
General lighting creates harsh shadows, and even worse, can create strange colors in your finished photographs. Fluorescent light, for example, can give your finished photos a strange blueish hue, and there aren’t many foods that look appealing in blue. Replace your overhead light bulbs with full-spectrum or “daylight” bulbs.


Jewellery Making Suggestions – Getting Began With Wire Jewellery Making
Next you will want to think about lighting. Lighting is very important in jewellery making. Discover a room close to a window with plenty of pure light if you happen to can, but if you happen to can’t find such a location, you have to to spend money on a pure lighting alternative.



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