Full-spectrum light (issue 28)

Around the world different people are talking about how they use full-spectrum lighting in their day-to-day lives. We feature some of the best here.


Nature – waiting to help when we’re ready
Another bonus that comes from Nature is exposure to natural light. Not only do we re-connect with the earth but we can feed from full spectrum light.


5 Ways to See The Bright Side (It Can Help You Lose Weight!)
Spend some time in the sun or under a special light that simulates sunlight. Many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, me included. I have difficulties being in the sun, so I use a full spectrum light


Sleep & Chronic Fatigue
When it is dark outside melatonin production increases the ability to sleep. Morning light signals the pituitary gland to stop producing melatonin, but for some people the light may not be strong enough, especially during the winter time.


Alternative to amitriptyline (for fibromyalgia) during pregnancy …?
I have heard some patients do well with massage, warm water therapy, accupuncture, yoga, biofeedback, light therapy with full spectrum lights,exercise, dietary changes may all be areas you want to explore.


Do I Need Full Spectrum Lighting for My Parrot?
It provides lighting that is much closer to the type of light a parrot would receive in its natural environment. By doing this, you can provide for the overall health of the bird in many ways.


How Can I Encourage My Keets to Mate?
Step 4: Provide full-spectrum light to induce breeding. Gradually increase the length of time per day the birds are exposed to light over a period of weeks. Parakeets require at least 13 hours of light a day to trigger them to breed.


Bearded Dragons Cage
Two females, one male bearded dragon enclosure. 55 Gallon Long, Calcium Sand, yellow(I think Zoo-Med), basking rock, climbiing rock for basking, big water bowl, red basking light (I don’t know what size), 75 watt halogen UVA bulb mainly for basking and a natural sunlight look, 10.0 UVB/UVA full spectrum light, mealworm dish and salad plate/bowl.


Benefits Of A Full Spectrum Led Grow Light
The 300 watt led grow light is one of the most popular styles used in hydroponic and traditional indoor gardening these days. The plants themselves are healthier than those grown under traditional grow lights.


Herb Vs. Indoor Herb Garden
The more sun the vegetable garden gets, the more productive it will be. If there is no enough light from a window, growth of herb plants can be supplemented with grow lights. These special lights differ from regular light bulbs because they shine with the full spectrum light that plants require.



Eye Exercises
The sun, or full spectrum light, stimulate rods & cones of the retina. Full spectrum lighting in classrooms show faster learning, grade improvement, and reduction of infections in children.



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