Full-Spectrum Light (issue 33)

Around the world different people are talking about how they use full-spectrum lighting in their day-to-day lives. We feature some of the best here.


Night and Day, and Day and Night
Today will be a beautiful, sunny day (even by non-Portland standards) — and yet my curtains are closed and I’m typing by my full-spectrum light because, well, it gets hot when the sun blazes through a 10′ by 15′ window bank.


Operating Room Lighting
Effective and successful performance within the operating room is enhanced by having lighting which does not cause visual, operational and environmental difficulties such as: glare, shadowing or visual stress.


Configuring Office for “health”
Studies suggest that natural light increases human productivity and reduces fatigue and stress. By simply replacing your antiquated fluorescentTubes with full-spectrum tubes, you can immediately improve the environment and your health!


How can I stay happy in a depressing weather?
You may be suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Have you tried using a full spectrum light?


When is light not light?
Have one full spectrum bulb at home, the area that you spend most of your time in when you come home from the office. This way you can get some decent artificial light in the dark evenings of the winter months.


It is all relative
And some others, the really innovative ones I would say, have invested in full spectrum light bulbs in their homes and work spaces to stay warm and toasty.


Avoiding Depression With Light
If you have noticed that you have been getting depressed in the winter, one easy remedy is to increase the amount of full-spectrum light exposure that you have.



Monkey Cages – Do Proper Research
If the space is indoors, he’ll require natural light for skeletal growth – and natural light can be supplemented with full-spectrum light fixtures if necessary.


Supplying Light For Bearded Dragon Cages
Providing sufficient light for bearded dragon enclosures is critical in regards to sustaining optimal health within your pet. Most owners provide some sort of light to their lizard, but a lot of them are just trying to “get the cage hot.”



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