Full-Spectrum Light (issue 34)

Around the world different people are talking about how they use full-spectrum lighting in their day-to-day lives. We feature some of the best here.


Lack of UV light harming tuatara
Without full-spectrum lighting, tuatara can suffer nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism (NSHP), which causes bones to break and other painful conditions.


Supplying Light for Bearded Dragon Cages
Fact is, the pogona vitticeps needs a full spectrum UV bulb, a basking light and the correct heat gradient throughout their habitat to keep them healthy and happy.


Essential lighting for a healthier bird
Select full spectrum bulbs designed specifically for birds and look for bulbs that emit light in the ultra violet wavelength. These bulbs replicate natural sunlight to provide all the beneficial properties of sunlight


The “Sleep Mistake” Which Boosts Your Risk of Cancer
Most incandescent- and fluorescent lights emit very poor quality light. What your body needs for optimal functioning is the full-spectrum light you get outdoors. Using full spectrum light bulbs in your home and office can help ameliorate this lack of high quality sunlight during the day.


Uses of Full Spectrum Lights
Full-spectrum lighting fixtures provide an artificial simulation of the spectrum available in natural sunlight. The body uses and needs natural sunlight to function properly


Koko’s Goldfish Forum
Full spectrum lights are the heathiest for goldfish. If you are interested in enhancing their lives a little, you could check those out. I have them over my breeding pond. Sunlight has the same effect on fish as humans. The light aids your skin as well as the fishes in producing vitamins and therefore making you healthier.


How to Redecorate My Food Pantry
A food pantry is generally an unloved room in the house, solely functional rather than aesthetically pleasing. A well-decorated food pantry can become as visually pleasing, and as useful, as a nice kitchen.


You might be a rockhound if
You begin fussing because the light strips you installed on your bookshelves aren’t full spectrum.


How to Avoid Eyestrain While Working at a computer
Light your work area well. Use full spectrum bulbs. They duplicate natural sunlight and are easier on the eyes



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