How accurate is your colour perception

Our ability to perceive colour in the world around us is a combination of our ambient light quality and the state of the cones in our eyes.


These cones in our eyes specialise in perceiving any one of the three different colour groups – red, green or blue. If any group is damaged then we cannot properly perceive that particular colour.


For those wanting to test their colour perception ability we link to this list of five different online tests that you can do. What is also relevant in looking at these tests, is that all the test providers specify that the surrounding light will affect results.


“Because of different display settings, display gamma values and ambient light situations you can’t rely on the results of online color vision deficiency tests.”


For those who need to accurately perceive colour in their work, you will need a full-spectrum bulb or natural daylight, to ensure that your eyes are getting an accurate picture of the colours surrounding you.



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