Full-Spectrum Light (issue 38)

Around the world different people are talking about how they use full-spectrum lighting in their day-to-day lives. We feature some of the best here.


Setting up a Still Life
Lighting is also important. If you want dramatic lighting, you can choose to set up near a window for natural light, or create your own dramatic lighting with the use of lamps and spotlights. Spotlights are especially good for glass or shiny objects as they will “twinkle” in bright light. Spotlights can also cast unwanted shadows, so be careful about placement. You will want to use full spectrum or “daylight” lamps for that purpose


Welcome to Ba Ba Blacksheep
Bad lighting can make a project more difficult, if not impossible, to do. Try to find lightbulbs that are “full spectrum” or “daylight” bulbs to get a truer light. Nothing is as good as natural sunlight to see the definition on darker yarns or when threading a loom.


cage or no cage in bird room?
Birds need full spectrum lighting, so make sure it is of the hanging variety closer to the ceiling. You’ll also have to cage any cords coming down to make sure she leaves cords and plug along. Bird will have to have full spectrum light, so this is another consideration. The other way to do is to buy one of the fixtures you wire into an existing light fixture and then just turn on and off using the light switch. This would be safer though the ones hanging from short chain like shop lights will also work if you are careful to cage cords and plug.


How to Care for Moon Flowers After Germination
Move established seedlings to a cool spot with good light and adequate airflow. Cool air helps avoid fungal infections. Full-spectrum lighting suspended from the ceiling works best for providing adequate light. Screw hooks into your ceiling and attach chains to the hooks. Attach clip-on lights to the chains and plug them into available outlets. Use full-spectrum bulbs, place seedlings 6 inches from the lights and keep the lights on 16 hours a day. Move the lights up the chain as the seedlings grow.


Has anyone tried Windowfarming/hydroponics?
Lettuce is really easy to grow indoors too. All you need is a window that gets afternoon sun, and if you don’t have one you can use a full-spectrum aquarium light (cost about $20) to help. We have lettuce all year round this way. In the summer I grow some outside too, but leaf lettuce (which can be quite delicate in direct sun) LOVES inside growing.


Cool Weather Gardening
Small plants such as herbs and smaller varieties of tomato and pepper plants are perfect candidates for moving indoors. Just make sure they receive adequate sunlight or light from a full-spectrum artificial light source. Prune often to keep the size of these plants from overtaking a space indoors.


Natural Full Spectrum Lighting and Human Health
Scientists discovered that light stimulates the body to suppress the release of depression-causing hormones and enzymes. Most treatments use ordinary fluorescent lighting, though full spectrum or natural light lamps are presently recommended.


How not to fall asleep at work
Working in an office with bad lighting could be sapping your energy. “Tests have found that full-spectrum lighting, which simulates daylight and promotes better vision – will boost your energy levels as well”


Juneuary, Fogust, Septvember. #thingsiloveaboutstjohns
The MUN Counselling Centre has a full-spectrum SAD light in their waiting room, ready to make you feel less crappy. Regular, ten-minute spells under that light should make your winters (and springs) far more bearable, psychologically-speaking.


How to Care for a Bearded Dragon
Place a full spectrum light over the aquarium tank. Bearded dragons are active during the day, not at night, and need at least 14 hours of light during the day, 10 hours during the spring and fall and 8 during the winter. Depriving your bearded dragon of the required light will cause vitamin deficiencies.



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