More uses for sunlight

A search on “sunlight and laundry” predominantly brings up mentions of sunlight soap or detergent which just goes to show the branding power of such a powerful word as sunlight.


But there is more to our relationship with sunlight than just a block of soap. We found this article that listed 28 reasons why hanging your laundry out in sunlight is a positive move. Three of the items on the list that we would like to highlight are:

  • Save money, and in effect help the planet. Using a dryer costs money that could be spent in other positive ways in your household.

  • Get some incidental physical exercise and a daily dose of Vitamin D. Both of these are long-term health giving activities. If you’re interested in what Vitamin D can do for you, you may want to read these blogs we’ve published previously.
  • Disinfect your clothing without adding any harmful chemicals

So take a moment to celebrate something simple and natural that can save you money and give you a better quality of life – hang out your washing!



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