Full-Spectrum Light (issue 40)

Around the world different people are talking about how they use full-spectrum lighting in their day-to-day lives. We feature some of the best here.


Why are more women depressed
Other alternatives which show promise in small-scale trials include acupuncture and light therapy. A study of 27 depressed mothers-to-be in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry in April found that after five weeks of full- spectrum light therapy, of the type given to people with seasonal affective disorder, 13 of the women had at least a 50 per cent improvement in their symptoms and 11 were no longer depressed.


Check List for Easy Health Action
Exercise daily outside. Use your lunch break to walk so you’ll get some sunshine for vitamin D and get endorphins activated. Use full-spectrum light bulbs.


Wellbeing is Consistently Colourful
Sunlight is an amazing gift to life here on our little world. It is our generator of full spectrum light. If we could sit in perfect sunlight for a length of time with our thoughts at peace, it would be a utopian existence potentially our wellbeing would be uncompromised. However given the pollution of the atmosphere, the angle of the sun, the stress in our lifestyle we cannot easily achieve this utopia, everyday.


Even though the weather is still in the 70’s it is dark in the morning and getting darker at night. I haven’t seen the sun since Saturday afternoon – that might not seem long in days but as I have SAD, I notice the sunlight missing. Last night I pulled up my full spectrum light from the basement and am sitting with it on.


Your Edge for Success Inc
Our mothers were right: We need daily fresh air and exercise, not to mention full-spectrum light, for best behavior and ability to learn.


Color Choices and Feng Shui
Bring as much natural light as possible into a room. Mirrors can help reflect light into dark spaces. Always opt for full-spectrum lighting to bring out the true colors in a room. Use dimmer switches to change the mood.


How To Raise Chickens In Your Urban or Country Backyard
Q. Does it matter if the light is fluorescent, filament, heat lamp, full spectrum or LED? A.I have been told that full spectrum is the way to go. Supposed to be good for people too, to run off the winter blahs.


Cage Requirements for Finches
Place the finches’ cage at eye level on a sturdy surface in a room that receives plenty of natural light but away from direct sunlight or drafts. If there is not much natural light in the room, meet the birds’ light requirements with a full-spectrum light with a timer, recreating natural sunlight and darkness patterns.


How do I get a New Guinea Impatien to flower?
Although New Guinea impatiens can flower in the shade outside they do need to have full spectrum light if your co-worker cant provide a window for the plant maybe a grow light would help.


Three wavelengths aren’t enough for realistic CG color
Everyone’s familiar with light sources having different spectra. This is why everything looks amazing in department store lights, and why your digital camera likely has different settings for light sources that are incandescent, fluorescent, sunny, cloudy, etc. We can easily see these effects, yet the standard RGB representation of color contains no hint that more than three wavelengths are involved.



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