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Recently Viva-Lite partner – AdLux were interviewed on Finnish TV. We have the video (in Finnish) here and the English translation below. If you’d like to skip ahead to the demonstration of how the colours look under different lights – this starts at 0:50.


Lighting designer Ilkka Pekanheimo, Autumn has come and the days become shorter, now would be the right time to buy day light illumination. Why?

First of all, human eyes are designed to live under daylight, they work best in full spectrum daylight. Many homes benefit from having more daylight.


It is quite amazing, that people spend up to two thirds of their time in artificial light and yet they don’t pay attention to the quality of this light.


What are the benefits of daylight lighting to activities such as reading and viewing colors?

The reading speed may be up to 20% higher. There are many school studies illustrating this point.


And if you look here at the colors, the blue color on the left side is correct, as in outdoor daylight lighting. In warm tone light (on the right) the blue turns to purple. The more the eye ages, the less we will see in the warm color lighting.


This becomes a big problem when people buy energy-saving light bulbs in supermarkets, – these contain a lot of the yellow light. Almost all say that they do not see properly in this light.


Just try and replace the existing lamps with full spectrum daylight bulbs and see, how much easier it is to read and see the colors. Then, gradually, a room at a time, improve the lighting.



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