Stop Flirting & Commit : Rules of Engagement With Colour

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Stop Flirting & Commit : Rules of Engagement With Colour


Just as with any budding attraction, should you bring it home with you, you might be surprised how it looks like in a different light. Colours which look great on the colour chart under fluorescent lighting in the paint store will look much different at home in a sunny room or lit by incandescent lighting. Tungsten bulbs give a slightly yellow light; halogen gives white light, while some fluorescent bulbs can give flat, cold light. All these lights can all affect how the colour looks. Your best bet is full spectrum lighting, which mimics daylight, to show a colour at its’ best.

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Comments: In this long(ish) post, the authors advise on ways in to include colour in your home design choices. In terms of making your colour decisions, the best piece of advice they give, is to make sure you’re looking at it under the right light.



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