A funny Colour and Reading Speed Test

The following test is not only fun but also an eye opener to the way we study, read and so on. But let’s go right to it.



1) Name the following colours aloud from up to down. Say aloud, as if there is nobody else in your room. So start from “red”:

Test 1


2) Now do the same for the following colours, but try a little faster:

Test 2


Very good. However, did you really name the colours? Why did you say that the upper colour is red, although it is white, as you can see here once more:

Test 2


Isn’t that surprisingly difficult? A person, who cannot read, will find this test most likely much easier – of course we just guessed that you said “red”, because 99.5 % of all people say so.


BTW: It is also difficult to read in yellowish, eye tireing and insufficient bad colour rendered light. Therefore we suggest that you try clean, full spectrum daylight lamps, like Viva-Lite, in your office and at home. We believe that you will improve your reading speed – not to talk about seeing true colours! :-)


There is a huge difference between different lamps.


Thanks to your Viva-Lite partner in Finland for providing the test!



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