Who’s talking about full-spectrum lighting?

Around the world different people are talking about how they use full-spectrum lighting in their day-to-day lives.  We feature some of the best here.

Decorating a Dorm Room with Lights
If there is no window, choose a full spectrum light bulb that mimics natural sunlight. Take down outdated curtains or window coverings. If they belong to the dorm owner (usually the college or house parents), return them or keep them

Derek Loves Shopping » Tips on how to survive in a small home
Use full spectrum light bulbs to energize and enliven your home. Have lots of dinner parties. People actually socialize better in small spaces. And, as an added bonus, apartment dwellers who entertain take better care of their homes.

About Desk and Study Lamps | Need Landscaping Ideas?
If you like a really bright light when you study but don’t like halogen bulbs, you can also try using a full spectrum of light bulb in your desk or study lamp. That way you get the brightness of daylight without the headaches that can …

A natural cure for the H1N1 flu virus is known to be 5000 IU per day vitamin D3 supplements in Winter months or 30 minute full spectrum light.

The Basics of Pet Bird Care
Since most pet birds are kept indoors, some owners and aviaries install full-spectrum lighting. Full- spectrum fluorescent lighting simulates natural sunlight. Birds have keen eyesight and need the variations of light only found in …

Common Mistakes Of The New Gardener | Top LED Grow Lights
If you are starting out with grow lights I would suggest a full spectrum type of light preferably a LED light as they are easy to manage and require no extra accessories to work correctly. HID or fluorescent work equally as well if you …

Good grow light for an avocado tree?
I sprouted my avocado seedling about 7 months ago and it was doing so well while it was warm outside. It is now a bit cooler and it pretty much spends it’s.

To be considered full spectrum light desires to register ninety or …
There has been lots of talk in recent years about full range light bulbs. These are light bulbs which cover the entire light wavelength from infrared to near-ultraviolet.

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