Protect your eyesight as you age

The chronological aging process is inevitable but the physical age we are can be positively influenced by many simple changes in our environment.

One of the most common signs of aging is eyesight deterioration but in a recent published paper we see that there are ways to keep healthy and strong eye function as age.

  • “More than six million Americans over age 65 already have serious visual impairment.
  • The National Eye Institute says the risk of low vision and even blindness increases significantly with age, starting when we’re in our 40s.
  • A National Health Interview Survey indicates that while just five in one hundred Americans under 44 years of age reported vision loss, that number grew to 12 in a hundred for those 45-64 and climbed to almost fourteen out of one hundred for those 65-74. By the time we’re over 75, nearly 22 in a hundred of us have vision loss.

The good news is that a few common-sense steps can help most seniors to continue to see well.

One of the surest ways to maintain vision and guard against deterioration is to make sure you have good light available at all times – whether you are reading a book, performing a simple task or working on a detailed hobby or craft project.

Good light – the light that most resembles natural daylight – not only makes it more enjoyable and less tiring to do common activities, it decreases the risk of falls and fractures. And, good light helps people to identify medications correctly, lowering the likelihood of drug-related errors. ”

The full article can be accessed here.  Viva-Lite, manufacturers of full-spectrum bulbs, fully endorse the increased use of full-spectrum bulbs in homes and have a range to met different requirements.

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