Why do plants respond to full-spectrum light?

We recommend full-spectrum lighting for plantcare and also reference a number of other websites that do so.

But have you ever wondered why plants respond so well to full-spectrum light?

The answer lies in a plants anatomy – a part of the plant, called the “stoma” controls the inflow of carbon dioxide and the outflow of oxygen.  This allows photosynthesis to take place.

Scientists studied plants that were given full-spectrum light and others that were given only a portion of the light spectrum.  Those that were given the full-spectrum had greater levels of transpiration (carbon dioxide/oxygen flow) and so great ability to photosynthesize.

The full article can be found here.

The conclusions seem to be allow your plants to be in natural daylight or if you can’t (eg indoor seedlings or pot-plants) then full-spectrum light bulbs will allow for more vigorous growth.

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