What is the relationship between sunlight and breast cancer?

At Viva-Lite we are passionate about the role of light in peoples lives, to the extent that we created a range of light-bulbs that allow full-spectrum lighting indoors.

This recent discussion we came across looks at the role of sunlight and cancer and illustrates the importance of light in our lives.

“If one is to believe Esther John, an epidemiologist of Northern California Cancer Center, a daily dose of sunlight can decrease the chances of breast cancer by an amazing 40%. A short walk in the sun can also relieve stress and increase blood circulation in addition to reducing the risk of breast cancer. It is a well known and researched fact that the instance of breast cancer is more in cloudy and colder regions. An exposure to the full spectrum light is inversely correlated to colon, rectal and breast cancers.”

The full article can be found here.

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