Do we unconciously prefer Full-Spectrum light?

At Viva-Lite we are always interested in hearing about customer experience with the full-spectrum lights.  We recently received this letter from a customer and thought it worth sharing.  Our distributor in the region also shared some of their observations.

I ordered a couple of Viva-Lite lamps for experimenting and did some interesting observations. There is a renovation going on in all rooms of the house. I´ve changed conventional energy saving lamps into Viva-Lites in some rooms using same wattages. Now after some weeks I realize that without even thinking of it I automatically go in a daylight room when reading the drawings. That also happens although the actual working place is in another room…

Also the ladies of the house do their make-up in a bathroom with Viva-Lite lighting, although the space there is very limited because of the renovation. Normally ladies seldom use this smaller bathroom, but the bigger – but there is still the conventional lighting.

It seems obvious to me that Viva-Lite lighting is a lot better than the old one – we use rooms with Viva-Lite even if it´s not the easiest way for us. – Pekka, Finland


Thank you for the feedback. We have made similar observations at the Zoo in Helsinki. There were two identical cages and a tunnel between them. One was lit with full spectrum light and the other with conventional light. The apes begun to live in the daylight cage. If the daylight is good enough for the apes, why not also for us? – AD-Lux Oy

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