Full-Spectrum Light (issue 21)

Around the world different people are talking about how they use full-spectrum lighting in their day-to-day lives.  We feature some of the best here.


Growing vegetables indoors in winter | Make it and Mend it
If you do decide to supplement with artificial light you need to invest in proper grow bulbs that emit full spectrum light. Another reason to go for smaller containers is that you may have to rotate pots to ensure everything you’ re …



Caring for blooming gifts
Turn on the lights. Flowering houseplants often don’t rebloom because of insufficient light. Place plants in a south-facing window or set them under full -spectrum grow lights. Provide optimum temperatures. …


How to Start Seeds for Your Garden Indoors
Light: Unless you have a sunny greenhouse, indoor light isn’t bright enough for seeds. The solution is to hang a fluorescent light fixture equipped with full- spectrum (daylight) bulbs about 6” above the seed trays. …


How sleep patterns change as you age
If you cannot obtain direct sunlight, try a full-spectrum light. – Keep a Regular Sleep Schedule – Try to go to bed and awaken at the same time each day. – Avoid Stimulants – Nicotine, caffeine, alcohol all act as stimulants that can …


How to Care for a Turtle
Set up two-thirds of your turtle’s aquarium for swimming and one-third for basking, using a full-spectrum ultraviolet light source. Basking is critical for drying and preventing shell problems. And since turtles can’t store vitamin D 3, …


So a UV light that provides UVA spectrum will allow a bird to see the full spectrum of colours available with the five colour senses they have (we only have three). I notice an immediate change in behaviour (more activity and …


Taking Great Pictures for eBay Auctions and Online Selling | www …
… light booms for front, side, and backlighting, diffusers and reflectors for diffuse and indirect lighting? Add a couple of full-spectrum light bulbs with fixtures for another and you have a great, complete studio for photographing …


Design the Ideal Home Office
If your home office is in a basement or a room without windows, check out daylight-replicating light sources that will provide energy-efficient, full- spectrum lighting. Many ergonomic task-lighting fixtures have dimmer switches so you …


January is National Eye Health Month
Our eyes are designed to let light in, and full-spectrum sunlight is the healthiest form of it. Truthfully, by “protecting” our bodies and eyes with chemical-laden sunscreens and dark sunglasses we’re effectively weakening them. …


Home Foyer Design that Welcomes Good Chi
Use recessed lighting to light effectively foyers with low ceilings. On the other hand, if you have high ceilings, hang a beautiful chandelier or a rustic wrought iron piece. A light fixture with a full-spectrum bulb gives the …


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