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My New Studio

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

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My New Studio


Whoopie!!!! I’ve just completed moving all my art supplies from our dining room, living room, and spare bed room into my newly renovated basement. The first photo is the finished painted concrete floor. I chose to go this route because having had wall to wall in the past it seemed to be the best choice per reference articles on basement studios. Note the reflective quality which aids in keeping the space bright. I’ve opted instead to lay down smaller area rugs for warmth.


The task lighting is using full spectrum light bulbs and the walls are very light grey so as to not cast any colors onto my work.

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Comments: We love reading about people’s lighting design plans. In this case, as an artist, the writer had quite specialised lighting needs. We’re pleased to see that full-spectrum lighting was able to give them what they needed.



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Ingo Maurer’s Euro Condom

Friday, December 4th, 2009

As part of milan design week 09 the german designer Ingo Maurer unveiled ‘the euro condom’ created in response to new EU guidelines that will see frosted light bulbs banned.

The product consists of a thin, heat-resistant silicone cover that turns a clear bulb into a frosted one:

Bulb Condom

Bulb Condom 2

Bulb Condom 3

How ToBefore and After :)

The background of this idea is that many energy saving lamps look just like the new incandescend (bulb covered) condom lamp.