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Snippet: Herbs for the winter windowsill

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Source: ReminderNews


Herbs for the winter windowsill


Growing herbs indoors is not difficult, as long as their few cultural requirements are met. The two most important factors for the successful growth of herbs indoors are light and moisture. 

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Comments: For those who are interested in starting a herb garden indoors over the winter months, this article provides some ideas. We feature it because it acknowledges the importance of light in producing healthy plants.



Lights for Tulasi

Monday, April 26th, 2010

From time to time we are checking the internet for what people say about Viva-Lite. That way we can learn a lot how our customers perceive our brand, products and services.

For example see this feedback on and how well Viva-Lite worked for growing Tulsi:

“We planted Tulasi at home last summer. When she was very little we bought her a 26 W Viva-lite full-spectrum bulb. She was doing well with it. She grew very strong stalk and large, green leaves. Recently we felt she needs more light. We arranged two 36 W fluorescent Viva-lite tubes for her. In Scandinavia there is hardly any natural light at this time of the year! (more…)