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The most artistic house in the world!

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Built in Turku, Finland for artist Jan-Erik Andersson’s Doctorate in Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, the Life on a Leaf house has been described as unique.


“The form of the Leaf House is unique. By day it resembles a strange hat or misshapen boat; by night a Jack O’ Lantern, glowing from within, its windows evoking the abstracted eyes and mouth of some Finnish folklore giant. Though the structure appears quirky and follyesque – modernism goes Moomin – it is far from haphazard.”


Viva-Lite partners Ad-Lux were responsible for the full-spectrum lights throughout the house and reported from the opening party that under the Viva Lite lamps the colors of the house are real and beautiful.


You can watch a video of the house here.


ESL & CFL Lights in Green Gadgets Competition

Friday, November 20th, 2009

The Greener Gadgets Competition asked designers to explore the concept of “greener gadgets”.

The top 50 finalists in 2009 had some great ideas. Here is one that we liked – due to the nature of our business of course:

Bulb 2.0 is an energy-saving lamp which goes far beyond the traditional light bulb. Thus it becomes a modern element of design outshining the ordinary energy-saving lamp often perceived as unattractive.

To view all entries in the design competition, please click here…

Viva-Lite Valkeakoski Housing Fair Video

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

The following video was taken on the Finnish Housing Fair in the City of Valkeakoski between 10 July – 9 August 2009.

A special treat was one house lighted fully with VIVA-LITE and created by lighting designer Ilkka Pekanheimo from Ad-Lux:

About the Housing Fair:

The ca. 40 fair houses built on the verdant housing fair area in Valkeakoski form a multi-faceted combination. An extensible, unique house for a first home, a TV-house and a passive house with a vivid design are good examples of the extensive selection of houses. The fair includes houses built in both traditional and modern styles, one- and two-storey solutions, stone and wood houses – not to mention the latest trends and experimental building.

2nd International Full Spectrum Lighting Conference

Friday, July 31st, 2009

The 2nd international conference for Viva-Lite Full Spectrum Lighting was held in Fellbach, Germany during the last week of July 2009.

Many interesting topics were exchanged and it was also decided which new full spectrum lighting models and products shall become part of the future Viva-Lite product range. Have a look at the following photo impressions:

For more photo impressions and other pictures, please follow our flickr photo feed…

Solving the Business Winter Blues

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Viva-Lite LogoVero Excellence in Business Support Awards Finalist Viva-Lite has silently built a strong and loyal customer base with so-called “Full Spectrum Lights” – products aimed at solving typical effects caused by lack of natural light, often also referred to as “Winter Blues”.

Toby Ruckert and his partner Margit Brusda moved to Waiheke from Germany in 2003 and with them they brought ‘Viva-Lite’ – their light bulb producing company that specialises in full-spectrum lighting to assist businesses whose employees suffer from headaches, eyestrain and stress.

“People can get very low emotionally in the middle of winter due to the lack of natural light,” says Toby. “People feel entirely different working under these lights as they reduce tiredness and mood swings especially if it relates to the winter blues. But the lights also improve energy levels.”

The idea of Full Spectrum Lighting isn’t new. During the 20th century the US Navy was actively researching methods to combat diseases commonly appearing on submarines where no natural daylight exposure for the crew is available for many weeks – or even months. Ultimately NASA provided a solution by creating the first natural daylight simulating tubes with added UV output to help the crew stay healthy even without actual daylight access. (more…)

New fluorescent lamps awakens sleepy students

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Gasping teenagers can be helped by new fluorescent lamps in schools. When researchers changed lighting in classroom the students became more alert in the morning and got a better nightsleep.

Results are so good that other schools are getting interested in lighting in schools, says Arne Lowden. a researcher in a stress research institute in the Stockholm University.

In the darkest wintertime in two classrooms regular yellowish fluorescent lamps were changed to so called full spectrum fluorescent lamps. The classrooms were the students homeclassrooms so they had almost all their lessons there.

During the weeks of research was e.g. the melatonin level that controls sleep, measured. The levels become lower and the students were more alert. In the evening were the students more tired. When sleeping they didn´t move as much as earlier because their sleep was more effective. (more…)