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Snippet: Bookstore bucks recession …

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Source: Utah


Bookstore bucks recession trend with innovation…and psychics


It is also one of the first stores in Utah to install “mood lighting.” Full spectrum lighting is typically used as light therapy for those with seasonal or mood disorders, but in this case, they are used to set a healthful tone in the store, LaSalle said.

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Comments: We were pleased to find this example of a retail store using full-spectrum lights instore. One of the lessor known uses of full-spectrum lighting is in making the most of a retail showroom. With full-spectrum lighting you can be sure that the colour of your wares are being displayed accurately.



Lights for Tulasi

Monday, April 26th, 2010

From time to time we are checking the internet for what people say about Viva-Lite. That way we can learn a lot how our customers perceive our brand, products and services.

For example see this feedback on and how well Viva-Lite worked for growing Tulsi:

“We planted Tulasi at home last summer. When she was very little we bought her a 26 W Viva-lite full-spectrum bulb. She was doing well with it. She grew very strong stalk and large, green leaves. Recently we felt she needs more light. We arranged two 36 W fluorescent Viva-lite tubes for her. In Scandinavia there is hardly any natural light at this time of the year! (more…)