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How important are light fixtures in schools

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Source: Central States Education Group


How important are light fixtures in schools


Anecdotal evidence still suggests that “warmer” light (associated with incandescent and fire-light) is easier on the eyes, and full-spectrum products can make black print easier to see on white paper.

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Comments: This article refers to a recent decision by a local school to invest in lighting that while more expensive in the short-term, has long-term energy savings and cost savings. The lights chosen are also rated by teachers as being “warmer” and better for reading. We applaud any organisation that is prepared to look after their people in this manner and trust that more schools start thinking in this manner.



Full-spectrum light in schools

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Many considerations go into creating an environment conducive to effective learning .  The study we review today compared children attending elementary schools with full-spectrum light versus children attending similar schools with normal lighting conditions. (more…)

New fluorescent lamps awakens sleepy students

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Gasping teenagers can be helped by new fluorescent lamps in schools. When researchers changed lighting in classroom the students became more alert in the morning and got a better nightsleep.

Results are so good that other schools are getting interested in lighting in schools, says Arne Lowden. a researcher in a stress research institute in the Stockholm University.

In the darkest wintertime in two classrooms regular yellowish fluorescent lamps were changed to so called full spectrum fluorescent lamps. The classrooms were the students homeclassrooms so they had almost all their lessons there.

During the weeks of research was e.g. the melatonin level that controls sleep, measured. The levels become lower and the students were more alert. In the evening were the students more tired. When sleeping they didn´t move as much as earlier because their sleep was more effective. (more…)