Viva-Lite table lamp
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Viva-Lite table lamp, with LED lighting

The first LED table lamp with Viva-Lite spectrum. LEDs are not only economically, but have thanks to Viva-Lite also a high-quality spectrum that can bathe the room in a light similar to daylight - for many years.

  • nominal luminous flux:
  • nominal lamp power:
  • rated life of the lamp in hours:
  • color temperature:
  • number of switching cycles before premature failure:
  • start-up time up to 60% of full light output:
  • operation:
  • dimensions:
  • nominal beam angle in degrees:
  • electrical power factor of the lamp:
  • lumen maintenance factor at the end of the nominal life:
  • color rendering index:
  • color consistency:
  • rated peak intensity:
  • spectral distribution of radiation in the range 180-800 nm


LED lights convince by their extremely long life and low heat generation. The light spectrum of LED light sources, however, often been left to be desired and the connoisseurs of full-spectrum lamps have hardly changed over due to the modest range of these modern illumination. However, this has changed and the LED lighting has captured the market now.
NEW IN OUR PRODUCT RANGE: The Viva-Lite Table Lamp with integrated LED lighting
  • Advantages: long life, thanks to built-in LED modules, contain no mercury
  • Basis for focused and productive work
  • Optimal workplace lighting, since sunlight is imitated

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